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Compassion and Grace


What is Truth?


Does Hell exist?


Gender and God's Image


What about sexuality?


FULL OF GRACE. These are more than just hot topics to enable finger pointing and judgment. There are real people working through real issues. People that God loves radically and unconditionally. People that God wants to encounter and bring His light and life into their lives.

WHAT IS TRUTH? As we wrestle with and speak to such sensitive and controversial subjects, it is important to begin with the truth in mind. We need more than trendy opinions and personal perspectives. Truth is more than a precept. It is a person and His Name is Jesus.

DOES HELL EXIST? There is an everlasting life that awaits everyone. Every person who has ever lived will live forever, and there are two places where our everlasting life will be lived out. Heaven or Hell. One promises an eternal prize and the other, an eternal punishment.

GENDER AND THE IMAGE OF GOD IN US. People express themselves through the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, the work they do and the genres they identify with. Underneath all these outward projections is an inherent likeness of God woven into our very being. We were made by Him, like Him and for Him

WHAT ABOUT SEXUALITY? The Bible has A LOT to say about sex, and for good reason. Sexuality, in all of its holy & unholy expressions, is a subject that surfaces regularly in Scripture. It is a beautiful gift that can be cherished and consecrated, or misused and misappropriated.